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Peerby, the Netherlands’ Largest Online Sharing Community, Launches in Boulder, Colorado

Peerby, the Netherlands' largest online sharing community, has launched in Boulder. This innovative platform connects neighbors to share everyday items, fostering community bonds and reducing landf...

Peerby profitable, raises 2.3 million euros

Circular sharing platform, the website that enables neighbors to borrow and lend household items, has raised 2.3 million euros from investors. The announcement of the investment follows ...

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About Peerby, founded in 2011, is now the largest online sharing community in the Netherlands, enabling neighbors to share various goods like tools, electronics, and bicycles, thereby fostering community connections and reducing waste. After initial success and expansion of its communities to 30 cities in Europe and the U.S., Peerby faced challenges in building a financially sustainable model in 2017, prompting a pivot to a paid membership model in 2020, which significantly boosted revenue growth.

Peerby is funded by Loyal VC, Shamrock Ventures, ROM InWest, Emilia Capital and hundreds of crowdfunders. Recent investments are directed towards growing Peerby's presence in the Netherlands and Belgium and expanding the concept internationally, with the launch of its first U.S. community in Boulder, Colorado. The platform aims to replicate its success in Amsterdam, where 1 in 4 households are members, across new locations.

Recognition: Peerby has garnered significant recognition and awards, such as the $125,000 Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge and the App My City Award. Founder Daan Weddepohl was Guardian Tech Talent, #13 of the Trouw newspaper sustainable top-100, and he was nominated as Dutch entrepreneur of the year.

Impact: The platform's environmental impact is notable, with research indicating that sharing and borrowing can reduce consumers' climate impact by over 25%.

Book: Founder Daan Weddepohl's journey and the platform's achievements are detailed in his Dutch (audio)book 99 redenen om te stoppen en toch door te gaan ("99 Reasons to Quit and Keep Going").

Accelerators: Techstars, Rockstart, Founder Institute

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