Startup Peerby raises $2.2 million from users

Peerby plans to to put the money towards the international expansion of its recently launched business model.

Amsterdam-based local sharing platform Peerby raises $2.2 million over the course of a weekend from 1051 crowdfunders through Dutch sustainable crowdfunding platform This amount surpasses the total amount of venture capital the startup received during earlier funding rounds, making the crowd the largest shareholder. Peerby, that is a certified B corp, is planning to use the funds for product development and international expansion of a new business model named Peerby Go, with a specific focus on the UK and North America. Peerby is listed nr. 34 in the top 100 of exponential organisations (above Facebook and Twitter).

Peerby is a website and app that enables consumers in cities to borrow and rent the things they need from others in their neigborhood. For three years Peerby has been working towards a world where sharing items is a serious alternative to buying. The platform started with a lending service for neighbors in 2012 that offers access to $1Bn worth of products in over 20 cities in Europe and the United States. By the end of 2015 a new rental service named Peerby Go was added to the platform. Peerby Go enables access to household items from people nearby. The rental service offers a curated catalogue of products with guaranteed availability, delivery and insurance.

The tech startup launched their crowdfunding campaign to the public on a Friday. On Monday, only four days into the campaign, the ultimate amount of $2.2 million was reached. The size and speed of the investment constitute an absolute Dutch record. The startup succeeded in securing 669% of its target amount, as a result of one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in convertible notes internationally. The majority of funders are part of the devoted Peerby community. The crowdfunding campaign proved to be an compelling way for Peerby’s community to support the startup in its mission to create a transition towards smarter consumption.

""I invested in Peerby because I believe in the dream and in the team. We need a smarter organisation of the way we use and own items and Peerby is well equipped in finding an answer. As an investor i also look carefully at the people behind the organisation. I know them for a while and i believe in this team, in the past they have shown that there approach is resourceful."" Jeroen Segers - Peerby member and crowdfunder
""Peerby is a great example of how companies can use alternative ways of financing to grow their business. This particular campaign was a huge success and one of the largest convertible notes campaigns in Europe to be funded by crowdfunding." " Ronald Kleverlaan - Founder CrowdfundingHub (European Expertise Centre for Alternative & Community Finance)
""We are overwhelmed by the success of the crowdfunding. We are very grateful for the support from our community and will do everything we can to realize our mission."" Daan Weddepohl - founder and CEO Peerby
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About Peerby International

Peerby is a website that lets you easily borrow or rent (Peerby GO) things from your neighbors - with delivery, access to the things you need is even faster and more convenient. Ask Peerby for something you need, and borrow or rent it from your neighbors. With renting, you pay a small amount but you are sure to get exactly what you need, when and where you need it. The owners can make some extra cash by delivering the item themselves or let Peerby arrange delivery by bike messenger. Peerby saves you money, promotes social cohesion and enables the green life: as many as 1/8 of CO2 emissions on earth are derived from the production and consumption of durable goods. Since the launch of Peerby in September 2012, the number of members and transactions has grown exponentially. Peerby has active communities in twenty cities across Europe and in ten pilot cities in the US.

Accelerators: Founders Institute, Rockstart, Techstars.
Awards: $125,000 from the Clinton Global Initiative, B&J’s Join our Core, App My City Award.