Sharing app Peerby releases Android app

Today Peerby releases the long-awaited Android app, and with that the sharing app is now available for all major operating systems.

Peerby, the app that enables you to borrow the things you need from others in your neighborhood, is now available for Android. In addition, the iOS version has been fully revamped. The new app has a friendly design and is simpler, more social and smarter.

Starting to get ready for Thanksgiving and need a tool to fix up the guest room? Could you use more chairs for new family members at the dinner table, or a kitchen gadget for a new holiday recipe? Peerby lets you borrow the things you need from people in your neighborhood.

Social, smart and simple
The new app has a fresh and friendly design and three tabs instead of five that were in the previous app. The app is more social, smarter and easier to use.

  • The first page of the app shows you a map of your neighborhood and a timeline showing requests and transactions in your neighborhood.
  • On the main page you can post your request and Peerby will give you suggestions. Need inspiration? On this page you can also browse products in various categories like tools, games, gardening tools, equipment for holidays and parties, and food and drink.
  • The third page displays your requests and chats with your neighbors. You can also archive chats once you’ve returned an item.

Further product development & international growth
Currently the Peerby app is used by 100,000 members worldwide, has over a million product in stock and thousands of transactions and connections between neighbors take place every month.

Earlier this month, Peerby raised $2.1 million to bring small-town sharing to your doorstep. The money will be used for further product development and international growth with a major focus on the United States. At present, Peerby communities are active in the Netherlands, Belgium, London, Berlin and in eight pilot cities in the United States.

"With this new app we’re now available for everyone everywhere. It’s a fresh new base on which we can improve and expand Peerby with additional future services. " Daan Weddepohl, founder and CEO at Peerby
"We worked hard to create this new version of our app. Feedback from our members and test users has helped us a lot in making this app smarter and more user friendly. " Anna Noyons, head of product at Peerby
About Peerby International

Peerby is a website that lets you easily borrow or rent (Peerby GO) things from your neighbors - with delivery, access to the things you need is even faster and more convenient. Ask Peerby for something you need, and borrow or rent it from your neighbors. With renting, you pay a small amount but you are sure to get exactly what you need, when and where you need it. The owners can make some extra cash by delivering the item themselves or let Peerby arrange delivery by bike messenger. Peerby saves you money, promotes social cohesion and enables the green life: as many as 1/8 of CO2 emissions on earth are derived from the production and consumption of durable goods. Since the launch of Peerby in September 2012, the number of members and transactions has grown exponentially. Peerby has active communities in twenty cities across Europe and in ten pilot cities in the US.

Accelerators: Founders Institute, Rockstart, Techstars.
Awards: $125,000 from the Clinton Global Initiative, B&J’s Join our Core, App My City Award.