Amsterdam based p2p startup Peerby wins Guardian Tech Talent Day Competition

Dutch entrepreneur Daan Weddepohl presents at the Guardian's annual Activate Summit

19 JULY 2013, LONDON
Amsterdam based p2p sharing startup Peerby is the winner of the Guardian Tech Talent Day Competion. As the winner of the competition, Peerby presented at the Guardian Activate Summit, taking the podium alongside Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson Group and Vint Cerf, internet evangelist for Google. These are the world's leading innovators that use open web and technology to transform how we do business and reshape the world. is a web and mobile app that enables consumers to borrow the things they need from people in their neighborhood within 30 minutes. Daan Weddepohl's Peerby was one of ten lucky startups that were selected from a large number of applicants to pitch their concept to a jury consisting of leading investors, inventors and entrepreneurs from across the world. The jury was said to be impressed by Peerby's ambition to turn neighborhoods in to actual communities.

The second winner of the Tech Talent Day was Radar, a foundation that helps locate, train and nurture a growing network of citizen journalists. Peerby and Radar presented themselves in front of a 350-strong senior-level audience at the Guardian Activate Summit next day.

In 2010, Victor Henning, founder of Mendeley, won the inaugural Activate Tech Talent Pitching workshop. Earlier this year, Mendeley was bought by Reed Elsevier for a reported $100m (£65m).

Peerby is is the world’s only peer-to-peer goods borrowing platform that actively creates supply by asking around through e-mail and push notification. Peerby rings virtual doorbells and asks neighbors if they are willing to lend their stuff. Willing neighbors are connected through a chat and

within minutes they are ready to pick up a product right around the corner.

What makes Peerby unique is that it asks around, It's like an Aardvark for stuff. Peerby's unique algorithm uses a combination of math and psychology to make a perfect match, allowing Peerby to create a liquid market place starting with as little as 100 users per city.

Guardian Activate Summit: London 2013
On July 9th 2013, some of the world's most influential and inspirational figures will once again descend on Kings Place, London to discuss and debate how far we have come in using the open web and technology to transform how we do business and reshape the world.

From economics to politics and beyond, the internet and its associated technologies are fundamentally transforming and reshaping the world. Activate is the Guardian's platform for innovators working across all sectors who are using these tools for change.

"The Activate Summit is about changing the world through technology. That is what Peerby is all about. I'm very excited to pitch to an audience that consists of the world leaders in this field!" Peerby CEO Daan Weddepohl
About Peerby International

Peerby is a website that lets you easily borrow or rent (Peerby GO) things from your neighbors - with delivery, access to the things you need is even faster and more convenient. Ask Peerby for something you need, and borrow or rent it from your neighbors. With renting, you pay a small amount but you are sure to get exactly what you need, when and where you need it. The owners can make some extra cash by delivering the item themselves or let Peerby arrange delivery by bike messenger. Peerby saves you money, promotes social cohesion and enables the green life: as many as 1/8 of CO2 emissions on earth are derived from the production and consumption of durable goods. Since the launch of Peerby in September 2012, the number of members and transactions has grown exponentially. Peerby has active communities in twenty cities across Europe and in ten pilot cities in the US.

Accelerators: Founders Institute, Rockstart, Techstars.
Awards: $125,000 from the Clinton Global Initiative, B&J’s Join our Core, App My City Award.